Voltage withstand test meter

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The withstand voltage tester is designed with reference to the requirements of JJG795-2004 “Verification Regulations for Electrical Withstand Voltage Tester”.

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In the field of electrical equipment, safety is of paramount importance. As electricity has become an integral part of our lives, it is crucial to ensure that appliances and equipment are used safely.
Functions and uses of withstand voltage tester:
Withstand voltage testers are specifically designed to evaluate the dielectric strength of electrical equipment. This instrument conducts high-voltage testing on the equipment to determine whether its insulation capability meets safety requirements. The purpose is to ensure that normal operation of the equipment will not cause electric shock, leakage or other dangers. This makes the withstand voltage tester an essential tool for electrical safety testing in various industries such as power, communications, electronics, and home appliances.

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Key components of withstand voltage tester

Usually, a withstand voltage tester consists of a digital panel, a high voltage generator, a measurement circuit, a display screen and operating buttons. The digital panel allows users to select different test parameters and ranges through operation buttons to meet the testing needs of different electrical equipment. The high voltage generator is responsible for generating the high voltage required for the testing process. The measurement circuit measures the resulting voltage and current and displays the test results on the screen as numbers or waveform graphs.

Follow safety standards

The design of the withstand voltage tester is constructed in accordance with the requirements of JJG795-2004 "Calibration Regulations for Electrical Withstand Voltage Testers". This ensures the meter is accurate and reliable. It can generate adjustable high voltage up to AC 5kV with a current of 20mA and is suitable for Class 1I1 electrical appliances.

In addition, it also follows safety standards such as GB 4706.1-2005 "Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 1: General Requirements", GB 4793.1-2007 "Safety of Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use Part 1: General Requirements", and GB4943.1-2011 "Information technology equipment safety Part 1: General requirements".

Advantages and features

Withstand voltage testers offer a variety of benefits and features that help ensure electrical safety effectively. First, its digital display can display output voltage, current and timing time with high accuracy. Users can easily determine whether the device under test meets the required safety standards. In addition, the meter also has an upper limit setting alarm function, which will alert the user if the device fails the withstand voltage test. This feature increases the efficiency and reliability of the instrument, addressing potential risks before they become hazardous.

A withstand voltage tester is an essential tool to ensure the safety of electrical equipment. By conducting high-voltage tests, these meters can evaluate the insulation strength of appliances and equipment, minimizing risks such as electric shock and leakage. They comply with safety standards, guaranteeing accurate results and reliable performance. As electricity continues to power our daily lives, investing in a withstand voltage tester becomes essential to maintaining electrical safety across industries.

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  • Power Supply AC:220V10%;50H ±2Hz。
    Output voltage and accuracy AC:0~5000V土3%
    Testing scope and accuracy 2mA test scope:0.030~1.999mA土 5%20mA test scope:2.00mA~19.99mA 土5%
    Preset current scope 0.03mA~19.99mA
    Alarm accuracy 土5%
    Transformer capacity 500VA
    Wave of output testing voltage 50Hz sine wave
    Timer scope  1~99S 土5%
    Size 320X180X250 (mm)
    Weight 10kg

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